Regional Campus Commons

The Regional Campus Commons captures work completed and in progress to achieve the following shared goals of the IU regional campuses as outlined in the Blueprint for Student Attainment:

  • To provide an excellent, distinctive, and nationally competitive educational experience for prepared students.
  • To be committed to student success.
  • To provide an educational experience that is innovative, flexible, and accessible to a wide range of qualified learners.
  • To provide a distinctive educational experience that connects readily with the educational experiences provided by community colleges and research campuses.
  • To keep programs as affordable as possible.
  • To be engaged in the lives and development of their regions and the state.

On the Commons website, visitors can see ways to become involved in ongoing projects, the progress to date in achieving the goals, and best practices that have come out of the collaborative work, as well as a calendar of events occurring on the regional campuses and news items about regional campus faculty, staff and student excellence.

Visit the Regional Commons Website »