The Office of the Executive Vice President for University Academic Affairs (OEVPUAA) facilitates relationships between the campuses of Indiana University. Indiana University thrives as a large, multi-campus institution, due primarily to the initiatives outlined in the Blueprint for Student Attainment (BSA)

The BSA outlines a distinctive mission for the regionals that is different than the missions of IU’s core campuses, Bloomington and IUPUI, and asserts that the regional campuses are best situated to serve the state of Indiana by bringing high quality education to students in more places and with a broader range of backgrounds, preparation and life circumstances. In addition, with the regional campuses, the Bloomington campus, and IUPUI functioning as a cooperative unit, IU is  able to share resources and opportunities that would not otherwise be available to the regional campuses individually due to their size.

Regional campus affairs involves, in part, mananaging collective governance mechanicms which guarantee that IU delivers one voice internally and externally. The Regional Faculty Caucus (RFC) is comprised of all of the presidents of the faculty councils for each regional campus. The Center for Regional Campus Excellence (CRCE) includes the executive vice chancellors for academic affairs from each regional campus who collaborate in regard to academic and other academic affairs involving the regional campuses. Through these groups, OEVPUAA address the particular needs, challenges and opportunities facing the regional campuses.

For more information on IU's regional campuses and their joint programs, visit the Regional Commons website »

OEVPUAA also works with the University Graduate School to supervise certain graduate degrees at the regional campuses. The dean of the University Graduate School reports jointly to the executive vice presidents.