Regional Campus Affairs

The Office of the Executive Vice President for University Academic Affairs (OEVPUAA) facilitates relationships between the campuses of Indiana University. Indiana University thrives as a large, multi-campus institution, due primarily to the initiatives outlined in the Blueprint for Student Attainment (BSA) and continued in Blueprint 2.0: The Bicentennial Strategic Plan for the Regional Campuses of Indiana University.

Regional campus affairs involves, in part, managing collective governance mechanisms which guarantee that IU delivers one voice internally and externally. The Regional Faculty Caucus (RFC) is comprised of all of the presidents of the faculty councils for each regional campus. The Center for Regional Campus Excellence (CRCE) includes the executive vice chancellors for academic affairs from each regional campus who collaborate in regard to academic and other academic affairs involving the regional campuses. Through these groups, OEVPUAA address the particular needs, challenges and opportunities facing the regional campuses. The Regional Commons website highlights the collaboration and initiatives between campuses.

Our regional campuses, all of which have seen their enrollments increase to record levels in recent years, serve as invaluable economic and community development catalysts in their regions and are playing a key role in helping the state achieve its goal of dramatically increasing the number of Indiana residents with college degrees.

President Michael McRobbie