University Transfer Office

The University Transfer Office provides important information and appropriate referrals for transfer students and potential transfer students. The goal of the University Transfer Office is to improve the transfer process and the development of transfer policies across IU campuses. The office also works with the state to create and implement policies to benefit transfer students and to enhance the quality of academic programs.

The University Transfer Office has the following primary responsibilities:

  • Storing transfer data and devising tracking mechanisms to better understand student success
  • Developing, recording, and implementing transfer policies that provide consistency across all IU campuses
  • Coordinating transfer services across all IU campuses and assist with best practices
  • Overseeing transfer agreements between IU and other institutions to maintain consistency and avoid duplication among IU campuses
  • Participating in statewide development of policies and laws regarding transfer and we help maintain the Core Transfer Library
  • Encouraging informal resolution of intercampus disagreements about transferability or articulation and also have established a formal process in which the campuses can engage, when necessary
  • Partnering with other units within the Office of Executive Vice President to put academic rules regarding transfer into practice.
  • Working with other institutions to develop initiatives that support transfer students
  • Implementing transfer initiatives as they arise through the Blueprint for Student Attainment.

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