Academic Program Approval Process

Using the APPEAR System for Academic Program Development

The Academic Program Proposal, Evaluation and Review (APPEAR) system is used by academic officers to propose new academic programs and to request modifications to existing academic programs including:

  • Basic Proposal Information

    The APPEAR system is a tool for recording and archiving academic proposals. Because the necessary documentation may vary by the type of proposal being submitted, and may be subject to change, those details are embedded within the proposal attachments.

    Within the main screen of the APPEAR system, users are asked to provide overview, campus, program detail, and date information. All fields with asterisks are required, and the system will not allow a submission to be saved without a campus approval date.

  • Logging in to APPEAR

    The APPEAR system can be accessed through One.IU.

    Administrators will access it via

    • Administrative Systems
    • SIS Admin eForms
    • Initiate Academic Program/Structure Request (APPEAR)

    Faculty will access it via

    • Faculty Systems
    • Curriculum Management
    • Initiate Academic Program/Structure Request (APPEAR)

    When the IU APPEAR page is displayed, you will see four different options:

    1. I would like to add/update an Academic Program
      (This allows you to initiate a request for degree and certificate programs, as well as any majors, minors, tracks, concentrations, and transcript notations.)
    2. I would like to add/update an Academic Structure item
      (This allows you to initiation a request for all branches, centers, departments, extension centers, schools and institutes.)
    3. I would like to change an existing Programmatic/Structural document
      (This allows you to make changes to an existing document prior to its submission. If the document has already been submitted, please see the instructions.)
    4. I would like to view all documents
      (This allows you to view information within documents that you have submitted for approval.)

    *For more detailed information on how to navigate the APPEAR system, view the developer notes »

  • Uploading Supporting Documents

    There are several types of attachments that may be included in a proposal submission. Multiple documents may be added with each section, as appropriate.

    • The proposal document. This begins with the appropriate coversheet.
    • Letters of support
    • Summary attachments
    • Budget and enrollment table attachments (These are to be developed in consultation with the Associate Vice President for Administration in the Office of the Executive Vice President for University Academic Affairs.)
    • All other attachments
  • Accessing APPEAR

    Submitting proposals should be done in accordance with local campus policies, and as directed by the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (EVCAA) on each IU campus.

    The following academic degree programs have been submitted for approval before the Indiana Commission on Higher Education (ICHE) as required by Indiana Law (IC 21-18-9-5). Programs listed meet the criteria for ICHE submission and have been approved by the Indiana University Board fo Trustees (BoT). Data presented here is in compliance with the Financial Transparency in Public Higher Education requirements set forth in HEA 1004-2011, and as codified within IC 5-14-3.6-3.

    The public view of APPEAR allows users to view the Academic Action Tracking List. This provides a searchable tool which allows users to view program submissions and their approval dates once they have been approved at all necessary levels.

    See the public view of APPEAR »

    Programs that are submitted by the campus in the APPEAR system, approved at the campus level and are to advance to teh Academic Leadership Council are considered "In Process." Once the final level of approval is completed, newly-authorized programs are listed within the public view of APPEAR

    See the current programs in process »