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IU Online Newsletter - November 14, 2014
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November 14, 2014
Vol. 2, Ed. 7
Welcome to IU Online, an e-newsletter containing the latest news and information from the Indiana University Office of Online Education.
  1. Trailblazing B.A.S. sets stage for future joint undergraduate degree programs
  2. Visits to IU Online website top 11,000 in October
  3. IU Online Class Connect updates
  4. Three online gateway courses funded; June 15 deadline for next call for proposals
  5. We are listening to your feedback
  6. Follow IU Online on Facebook and Twitter
  7. Graduate certificate and degree added to IU Online website
1. Trailblazing B.A.S. sets stage for future joint undergraduate degree programs
The first of six joint undergraduate degree programs launched under IU President Michael A. McRobbie's IU Online initiative, the Bachelor of Applied Science is the result of an unprecedented collaboration among the five IU-administered regional campuses. It is one of the first B.A.S. degrees offered in the state.
Faculty and administrators from the five campuses, assisted by Sharon Calhoon, assistant vice president for university academic and regional campus affairs, created the curriculum and administrative structure for the joint degree. Because the B.A.S. is a new kind of degree at IU, and because it is jointly offered by the five campuses, special approval was needed from the Higher Learning Commission. “The trailblazing work of this group,” Calhoon said, “was recognized by the Higher Learning Commission, which approved the program for all five campuses. The groundwork this group laid will benefit the development of future joint programs at IU.”
Without the B.A.S., many A.A.S. graduates would have to start from square one to earn a bachelor’s degree; but the B.A.S. is designed to include 60 to 64 credit hours from the student’s associate degree. As a result, A.A.S. degree holders can pursue an Indiana University bachelor’s degree without losing hard-earned credits.
The B.A.S. is available to holders of an Associate of Applied Science degree from any accredited community college. Many of the regional campuses will build on their relationships with Ivy Tech to make the degree available to Ivy Tech graduates.
Learn more about the Bachelor of Applied Science:
2. Visits to IU Online website top 11,000 in October
In October 2014, the IU Online website had more than 11,000 visitors.
  • 58% of the visitors were females.
  • Most of the visitors were between the ages of 25 and 34, followed by visitors between the ages of 35 and 44 and 18 and 24. The number of visits by the latter two groups was virtually tied.
  • People between the ages of 25 and 44 accounted for 30% of the visits to specific graduate degree programs.
  • People between the ages of 18 and 24 accounted for 20% of the visits to specific undergraduate degree programs.
The following were the most viewed programs:
  1. Business Administration, B.S.
  2. Business Administration, M.B.A.
  3. Psychology, B.S.
  4. Health Sciences, B.S.
  5. Social Work, M.S.W.
  6. Public Affairs, M.P.A.
3. IU Online Class Connect updates
IU Online Class Connect (IUOCC) is in its second pilot semester this fall. Seventy-four IUOCC classes are being offered, with a total enrollment of 2,180 students. 1,285 of these students are taking classes from a campus other than their home campus.
To plan for the third pilot (spring 2015), the chancellors, executive vice chancellors for academic affairs, and registrars from the East, Kokomo, Northwest, South Bend, and Southeast campuses met on October 3 to review technical improvements and discuss academic issues and priorities for the upcoming semester.
They agreed to new rules for the size and number of classes to be offered by each campus, and decided to maintain the current revenue share. They also agreed on a method for allowing unique courses (i.e., courses that are not offered by other campuses) to be listed in IUOCC in order to expand the range of course offerings available to students. They provided direction to the University Information Technology Services (UITS) developers who will be adding a waitlist function to IUOCC.
The diligent and innovative efforts of many individuals in University Student Services and Systems (USSS) and UITS have resulted in significant technical improvements to IUOCC:
  • A much-requested update for class search has been successfully implemented; students who search for a specific course now see their own campus’s class sections listed first.
  • The IUOCC class replication process can now accommodate eight-week session classes offered in the first part of any given semester, as well as classes offered at fewer than five campuses (the classes copy only to the campuses where the class is approved).
  • The developers have created mechanisms for sharing unique classes, as well as classes required for joint academic programs, such as the new Bachelor of Applied Science.
The class replication process for the third IUOCC pilot began on November 11. This third round will include more than 190 eligible classes to be shared among the regional campuses in spring 2015. This number includes 16 classes offered as part of the Bachelor of Applied Science joint degree, as well as four unique classes.
To compare, the first and second pilots in spring and fall 2014 included 34 and 85 eligible classes, respectively.
Thoughtful and collaborative decision-making by regional campus leaders and the hard work of USSS and UITS staff have directly resulted in the success of IUOCC in providing more online courses to students.
Learn more about IUOCC:
If you have further questions, contact your campus registrar, or send an email message to
4. Three online gateway courses funded; June 15 deadline for next call for proposals
The IU Online Lead Team, an advisory group to the Office of Online Education with representation from across the university, has selected three courses to receive funding for online development during the second round of the gateway initiative.
The courses - and the faculty who will develop them - are

Business A201 Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • Peter Aghimien, IU South Bend
  • Roger Crane, IU East
  • Joung Yeon Kim, IU Kokomo
  • Jim Thomas, IU Northwest
Business W100 Introduction to Business Administration
  • Chris Cox, IU Southeast
  • Steve Dunphy, IU Northwest
  • Gloria Preece, IU Kokomo
  • LaCalvince Simpson, IU East
An Economics in Modules course that will encompass Principles of Economics and Survey of Economics courses offered at five IU regional campuses
  • Kathleen Arano, IU Southeast
  • Dmitriy Chulkov, IU Kokomo
  • Gihoon Hong, IU South Bend
  • Micah Pollak, IU Northwest
  • Surekha Rao, IU Northwest
  • Arun Srinivasan, IU Southeast
  • Jason VanAlstine, IU Kokomo
  • Litao Zhong, IU East
An introductory psychology course proposed by faculty from IU East, IUPUI, IU Kokomo, IU Northwest, IU South Bend, and IU Southeast campuses was funded under the first round of the gateway initiative.
According to Barbara Bichelmeyer, senior director for the Office of Online Education, online gateway courses benefit students. “Gateway courses are foundational courses, typically at the 100 or 200 level, that are required for many degree programs. Because many students need to take these courses, there are often waitlists for open seats. If IU campuses can provide a high-quality online option for these courses, students will have more flexibility in scheduling, which helps them move through their degree programs, and ultimately graduate, in a timely manner.”
The development of online gateway courses also benefits the university. “A lot of faculty and instructional designer time and effort are required to create a high-quality online course,” said Bichelmeyer. “Through collaboration with other faculty, and with the extra resources provided by the Office of Online Education and eLearning Design and Services (a unit of UITS formerly known as Online Instructional Design and Development), faculty will be able to create engaging and interactive courses that promote the kind of student learning that IU is known for and that IU faculty expect.”
The Office of Online Education has just announced a third call for gateway course proposals with a submission deadline of June 15, 2015.
Learn more about the most recent call for proposals:
5. We are listening to your feedback
The Office of Online Education is working with the IU Office of Communications to implement changes to the IU Online website based on feedback we received from interviews with faculty and website usability tests with students.
Feedback included, but was not limited to, the following:
  • The IU Online website should be devoted entirely to students, especially prospective students. Information intended for faculty, as well as information about the Office of Online Education, should be moved to a separate site.
  • Provide a comprehensive listing of all online classes so that students do not have to search for them by campus.
  • Streamline registration processes so that a student enrolled at Campus A can easily register for an online class offered by Campus B. Eliminate the need for intercampus transfers.
  • Include information that helps students assess whether they are suited to online education, and provide an orientation that allows students to see how an IU online class works.
In addition, some people suggested that IU offer online classes that operate on an accelerated schedule (e.g., eight-week classes, six-week classes).
If you have feedback about the IU Online website or about services needed for online students, please write to us at Please type “IU Online website and student services” in the subject line.
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7. Graduate certificate and degree added to IU Online website
A graduate certificate and two graduate degrees have been approved for distance education delivery and are now listed on the IU Online website:
Find other online programs:
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As a steward of the tradition of excellence at Indiana University and in partnership with the campuses, the Office of Online Education provides leadership, coordination, and resources to the IU community to serve students and promote learning through quality online education.
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