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IU Online Newsletter - October 8, 2014
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October 8, 2014
Vol. 2, Ed. 6
Welcome to IU Online, an e-newsletter containing the latest news and information from the Indiana University Office of Online Education.
In this special issue, we focus on the importance of good data in online education. In addition, we announce the search for a new director.
  1. The importance of online education data
  2. Sources and examples of data
  3. Hiring announcement: assistant vice president and director
1. The importance of online education data
The Office of Online Education is dedicated to collecting and sharing accurate data related to online education at Indiana University. We use data to
  • inform decisions regarding program development and expenditures of resources;
  • submit reports to university administrators and trustees, accreditation and government agencies, and survey organizations such as U.S. News and World Report;
  • compare IU’s efforts in online education to those of other online providers within Indiana and nationwide; and
  • empower IU representatives to speak knowledgeably and accurately to its many constituents: current and prospective students, parents, alumni, faculty and staff, the media, legislators, and others.
This, and future, issues of the IU Online Newsletter will include interesting and relevant online education data.
What kinds of data would you like to see? Let us know, and we will enter your name into a drawing for a FREE seat in an Online Learning Consortium (formerly Sloan-C) workshop (value $169). A total of three faculty/staff names will be drawn. Send your data request(s) to
2. Sources and examples of data
The Office of Online Education currently collects data from
  • the IU data warehouse, including dynamic student records tables and University Institutional Research and Reporting (UIRR) snapshot tables,
  • Google Analytics (analysis of traffic on the IU Online website at,
  • the UITS Contact Center (inquiries received about online education), and
  • market research (reports from Deloitte/Chmura, Eduventures, and IU Creative Services).
A. IU data warehouse
In 2013, IU made important improvements to the coding of online programs and classes in its information systems. These improvements allow us to identify the online programs offered across the university, categorize classes offered by mode of instruction (online, hybrid, in person, etc.), and gather statistics about the students enrolled in online programs and classes each semester. Thanks to the diligent coding work of registrars and schedulers throughout the university, we can now make decisions based on meaningful distance education data.
We invite you to view tableau dashboards that organize much of the data in the Consolidated Business Intelligence Catalog, or CBI. Click the CBI button and log in. Expand the Student > Online Education folder. You will find a series of dashboards there, including:
Contact Sharon Wavle at if you have questions, problems, or suggestions for improvement on any of the tableau dashboards.
B. Google Analytics
In recent months, the Office of Online Education has used Google Analytics in sophisticated ways to track how people get to the IU Online website, which programs are of most interest, and where visitors go when they leave the site. Our office also collects valuable demographic data about website visitors.
In September 2014, 10,104 people visited IU Online. Of these,
  • 25% accessed the site via a mobile device (with Apple devices leading the pack),
  • 75% were first-time visitors,
  • 57% were female, and
  • the greatest number were between the ages of 25 and 34.
The six degree programs with the greatest number of page views in September were as follows:
  • Business Administration, B.S.
  • Business Administration, M.B.A.
  • Health Sciences, B.S.
  • Psychology, B.S.
  • Social Work, M.S.W.
  • Public Affairs, M.P.A.
Overall, almost half of the visitors who looked at either a graduate or undergraduate degree program on the IU Online website clicked through to the corresponding campus website. The IU Online website has become a powerful referral agent for the university’s online programs.
The Office of Online Education will use the reports generated through Google Analytics to inform revisions to website design and navigation. The reports will also be used in decisions about future marketing efforts.
C. UITS Contact Center
The Office of Online Education and the Contact Center at University Information Technology Services (UITS) have collaborated since December 2013 to field questions about Indiana University’s online programs. Inquiries come in by phone at 844.948.4863 and by email at
Between July 1 and September 30, 2014, the Contact Center received 343 inquiries by email and 280 inquiries by phone.
Contact Center staff members collect students’ names, addresses, and emails. In addition, they gather information about callers’ college experience and current academic standing; programs of interest; and military service (if any). Something to note: many inquiries come from people who attended Indiana University in the past but who did not complete their degrees.
Information is forwarded to the appropriate academic departments for marketing purposes and for any needed follow up.
D. Market Research
Market research has been a key element in development of joint undergraduate degree programs funded under the IU Online initiative.
Research by Deloitte Consulting/Chmura Economics and Analytics and by Eduventures
  • identified competitor programs and the competitive regions for the proposed academic programs,
  • assessed the competitive landscape for the proposed academic programs,
  • gathered and validated price points of competitor programs,
  • conducted qualitative assessment of competitor programs,
  • identified occupations associated with the proposed academic credentials,
  • assessed job markets and demand for proposed academic credentials by industry and geographic region,
  • used market analysis data to make decisions about development and marketing of new academic programs.
This research helped the regional campus vice chancellors for academic affairs determine which joint undergraduate degree programs to select for development. Programs selected in years 1 and 2 of the initiative were the Bachelor of Applied Science, B.S. in Informatics, B.S. in Accounting, and B.S. in Applied Health Science. Similar research will inform the selection of the final two joint undergraduate degree programs to be developed under the initiative.
In spring 2014, the Office of Online Education began working with the IU Office of Creative Services to conduct usability tests of the IU Online website and interviews with students and faculty. Information gathered from these tests and interviews will be used to refine the IU Online website and to shape marketing messages.
Starting this fall, the Office of Online Education will begin compiling student case studies to help identify services the university needs to provide for online students and any processes it may need to improve. We hope you will stay tuned!
3. Hiring announcement: assistant vice president and director
The Office of Online Education is accepting applications for the position of assistant vice president and director. The AVP and director will provide operational leadership and administrative management for the office, and will also provide special expertise in enrollment management, shared student services, and business development and marketing services.
For a complete position description, go to, and select job number 12304.
Please forward this announcement to anyone you know who may be interested and qualified. If you have any questions regarding this position, contact Ilona Marie Hajdu directly at 812.855.1017 or
Office of Online Education Mission
As a steward of the tradition of excellence at Indiana University and in partnership with the campuses, the Office of Online Education provides leadership, coordination, and resources to the IU community to serve students and promote learning through quality online education.
What matters. Where it matters.
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