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March 11, 2014 | Vol. 2, Ed. 2

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  1. Regional campuses pilot IU Online Class Connect
  2. IUOCC task force appointed to address academic issues
  3. Proctoring task force to be appointed
  4. Sloan-C institutional campus representatives identified:
    Learn about your Sloan-C resources
  5. Quality Matters subscription
  6. Four degree programs added to IU Online website
1. Regional campuses pilot IU Online Class Connect

During the registration period for the spring 2014, the regional campuses piloted IU Online Class Connect (IUOCC). IUOCC is a process that allows a student enrolled at one IU campus to register for an online class offered at another IU campus without having to go through intercampus transfer.

The pilot involved 30 primary class sections offered at one of the five regional campuses (East, Kokomo, Northwest, South Bend, and Southeast). Each primary section was copied into the schedule of classes of the other four regional campuses, allowing students to register for the section listed in their home campus’s schedule of classes just as they would any other class.

As of the spring 2014 official census, there were 1,377 enrollments in the IUOCC class sections, of which 831 were from students taking a class at a campus other than their home institution.

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about IUOCC:

2. IUOCC task force appointed to address academic issues

The IU Online Class Connect (IUOCC) pilot was implemented in spring 2014 on the regional campuses.

As with any new endeavor, the introduction of IUOCC has highlighted a number of issues that exist within the IU academic affairs systems and warrant closer examination by appropriate stakeholders.

The University Academic Leadership Council has appointed a task force to begin the process of examining these various issues. This task force will be co-chaired by Anne Massey from University Academic Affairs and Judith A. Halstead from the Office of Online Education. Campus representatives are Raman Adaikkavalan (IUSB), Dennis Groth (IUB), Michael Tulley (IUK), Samantha Earley (IUS), Ross Alexander (IUE), Cynthia O’Dell (IUN), and Mary Fisher (IUPUI).

The first meeting of the task group was March 4, 2014.

3. Proctoring task force to be appointed

A concern that many faculty have about engaging in online education is how to effectively assess student learning in a secure environment using best practices associated with assessing and evaluating student achievement.

The Office of Online Education is convening a faculty task force to consider the concept of proctoring in online courses and to make recommendations regarding proctoring processes, procedures, and resources that can be used to best support IU faculty in their online courses.

Each campus has been asked to appoint a faculty representative. Judith A. Halstead, director of the Office of Online Education, will be convening the task force during March 2014.

4. Sloan-C institutional campus representatives identified: Learn about your Sloan-C resources

In 2013, the Office of Online Education purchased a university-wide, four-year membership with the Sloan-C Consortium. There are a number of benefits to our faculty and staff as a result of this membership, including discounts to Sloan conferences and an opportunity to participate in a number of webinars and web-delivered workshops.

As part of the membership, each campus was asked to designate an institutional representative who will serve as the primary contact for that campus. The institutional representative for each campus is listed below, along with their email address:

Campus Sloan-C Representative Email
Bloomington Susan Hathaway
East Trudi Weyermann
IUPUI Tom Janke
Kokomo Kathy Ross
Northwest Angela Solic
South Bend Marianne Castano Bishop
Southeast Renee Petrina

Each institutional representative will be responsible for understanding and communicating the benefits of the Sloan-C membership to all interested faculty and staff members on their respective campuses. The Office of Online Education will also work closely with the institutional representatives to help coordinate any Sloan-C services that have university-wide application. The Office of Online Education is pleased to be able to support IU's membership in the Sloan-C. If you have any questions, please contact Judith A. Halstead at

Learn more about the Sloan Consortium:

5. Quality Matters subscription

The Office of Online Education is committed to providing resources for IU faculty and staff engaged in online education, and it is pleased to announce the purchase and implementation of Quality Matters.

Quality Matters is a well-regarded process of quality assurance for online and blended courses that has received national recognition for its peer-based approach to continuous improvement in online education and student learning. The program features

  • faculty-centered, continuous improvement models for assuring the quality of online courses through peer review.
  • professional development workshops and certification courses for instructors and online learning professionals.
  • rubrics for applying quality standards to course design.

Institutions use the QM Rubric to help guide faculty and instructional designers through the principles of online course design, and to provide evaluation of the design of online courses. Faculty may elect to have their courses certified as meeting QM standards by undergoing a rigorous, faculty-centered peer review process using the QM Rubric.

The Quality Matters license enables the teaching and learning centers on each IU campus to teach the basic QM course. The course includes using QM principles in course design, and also permits the university to conduct its own official QM peer reviews.

Full implementation of Quality Matters at Indiana University commenced in the summer of 2013 and will continue over a period of three years.

Watch a more detailed presentation explaining the benefits of Quality Matters for faculty and staff:

6. Four degree programs added to IU Online website

Four online degree have been approved for distance education delivery and are now listed on the IU Online website:

Find other online degrees:

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