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May 15, 2013 | Vol. 1, Ed. 1

Welcome to IU Online, an e-newsletter containing the latest news and information from the Indiana University Office of Online Education. In this issue, we will introduce you to the office, including its mission, charge, and personnel.

In subsequent issues—sent every six weeks or so—you can expect information about new program development, policies, processes, faculty resources, compliance with states’ distance education requirements, calendar events, and more. 

Our goal is to make the activities of this office as transparent as possible. Get the latest—from IU Online!

1. Why IU Online?

Online education has exploded in the U.S. in the past 10 to 15 years, and new technologies are having a major impact in reshaping the higher education landscape.

Although IU has been a pioneer in online education during this time and boasts more than 100 online degree and certificate programs, the university is now working to take advantage of strategic opportunities to leverage its resources across all IU campuses, enhance collaboration between academic units, and encourage cost savings by avoiding duplication of programs and services.

Through the IU Online initiative, the university is marshaling its academic and technological capabilities toward expanding existing programs and developing new offerings that improve the educational attainment of students, address Indiana's economic and professional development needs, and extend the university's global reach.

The IU Online initiative will address four priorities. It will

  • create undergraduate degree programs.
  • create graduate degree and certificate programs.
  • provide online options for high-enrollment undergraduate courses.
  • explore experimental modes of education. 

Read more about the IU Online initiative:

2. The Office of Online Education Charge

The IU Office of Online Education is working with faculty and administrators across all IU campuses, as well as University Information Technology Services and other University Administration offices, to support the IU Online initiative, and all online education at IU. In April 2011, IU President Michael McRobbie charged the Office of Online Education to

  • provide strategic oversight of IU's online education activities.
  • serve as a gatekeeper for intercampus issues regarding online education.
  • function as the point of final decision making.
  • maintain a portal for all IU online education offerings.
  • collaborate with state agencies and other entities that influence online education.

Learn more about the president’s charge to the Office of Online Education:

Read official documents related to online education at Indiana University:

3. The Office of Online Education Mission

As a steward of the tradition of excellence at Indiana University and in partnership with the campuses, the Office of Online Education provides leadership, coordination, and resources to the IU community to serve students and promote learning through quality online education.

4. Office of Online Education Advisory Groups

The Office of Online Education has created six advisory groups to help it develop online education strategies and online programs.

The advisory groups include the following:

  • Online Education Compliance Advisory Group
  • Office of Online Education Advisory Group
  • Online Education Technologies Advisory Group
  • Student Services Advisory Group
  • Teaching and Learning Advisory Group
  • Student Representatives Advisory Group

The Office of Online Education also works with the Regional Campuses Joint Academic Programs Committee to support collaborative online programming among the regional campuses.

See the mission and membership of each advisory group:

5. Office of Online Education Personnel

The Office of Online Education partners with colleagues across the state to help develop and implement online programs and courses that reflect IU's tradition of academic excellence.

Current staff members include the following:

  • Barbara Bichelmeyer, Director
  • Judith A. Halstead, Associate Director
  • Sharon Calhoon, Assistant Vice President for Joint Academic Programs
  • Ilona Marie Hajdu, Program Manager and Compliance Officer
  • Lisa Denlinger, Client Services Manager
  • Sharon Wavle, Data Manager
  • Erin Over, Office Services Assistant

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, contact us at 812.855.0994.

See each staff member's key responsibilities: