Vision, Mission & Operating Principles


Indiana University is a pervasively integrated institution comprising many campuses, schools, and other academic programs, where faculty, staff, and administrators work collaboratively and respectfully together to create expansive opportunities that provide our students with bridges to their academic and lifelong aspirations, that create and preserve knowledge and understanding, and that engage our constituents in building civic, economic, and cultural foundations for our communities, our State, the nation, and the world.


The mission of University Academic Affairs (UAA) is to:

  • Ensure that all IU students have the greatest possible opportunity to discover, pursue, immerse themselves, and succeed in excellent academic programs that meet their needs and their aspirations.

  • Promote an institutional culture that demands integrity and excellence in all of IU’s academic activities, recognizing and respecting differences in mission, settings, and audience. 

  • Challenge the university to create a seamless, transparent student experience that is coherent, well explained, easy to navigate, and results in completion of rich educational experiences for all students. 

  • Partner with faculty and actively support IU’s commitments to academic freedom and shared governance.

  • Foster faculty success in all forms of research, creative activity, teaching, and service excellence.

  • Represents, together with other academic and faculty leaders, the needs and aspirations of the academic missions of the university in internal deliberations and decisions. 

  • Advance the academic missions of the university by building strong and varied collaborations among the campuses and, where appropriate, with other institutions of higher education, the state and federal governments, and foundations. 

  • Advocate the needs of the university to state and national governments and other stakeholders, and in turn translate their needs and expectations to the university. 

  • Improve operations and efficiencies between campuses in order to take advantage of IU’s scale and diversity, concentrate resources to pursue university priorities, reduce costs, and enlarge outcomes for students and faculty. 

  • Innovate and support multi-campus and university-wide academic initiatives; establish (with appropriate faculty and campus leaders) plans, policies, and practices; interpret and implement university academic policies; and resolve disputes between campuses, in order to better achieve the goals of the university.

  • Build trust across campuses to eliminate organizational and administrative barriers and promote the sharing of best practices.

  • Encourage mutual accountability across all campuses for implementing policies and procedures that support the mission of Indiana University. 

Operating Principles

University Academic Affairs creates value for the university through:

  • Stewardship of university reputation and aspirations

  • Mutually positive and equitable solutions

  • Facts, data, and broad information gathering and dissemination

  • Partnership and collaboration

  • Promoting the common good while respecting unique distinctions

  • Honest, transparent, and direct communication

  • Self-organization

  • Policy compliance for risk mitigation

  • Technology as a lever for efficiencies and economies of scale

  • Empowering students

  • Shared governance

  • Celebrating excellence

  • Engagement with external stakeholders