Project Team

Project Champion - Academic Leadership Council (ALC) Executive Committee [John Applegate, Lauren Robel, Nasser Paydar]. Committed to the success of Digital Measures-Activity Insight and will ensure that the project team has the time, resources and buy-in they need.

Project Manager - [Michael Rushton, UAA]. Works closely with the project team, and also serves as communication interface to VPFAA, EVCAAs.

Administrator - [Group Lead, Akash Shah, UAA]. Manages day-to-day tasks associated with Activity Insight, such as responding to inquiries and submitting work requests to DM. Note: DM only accepts work requests from this administrator (university level) group.

Lead Trainer - [Akash Shah, Functional Lead]/IUB. Responsible for training others on how to use the system, including conducting in-person sessions and creating documentation. Note: Each campus has identified a local, campus trainer.

Communication Coordinator - [Michael Rushton, UAA]. Ensures information about the use of Activity Insight, including goals, deadlines and training, is communicated effectively to the project team, academic administration, governance bodies, and ultimately faculty. Note: VPFAA and EVCAAs serve as local, campus points-of-contact.

Technical representative - [Melanie Ebdon, UITS]. Areas of focus are web services, authentication, securing data from source systems and manipulating source data for entry in Activity Insight.