May include new collaborative academic programs and developing agreements to convert existing single-campus academic programs to collaborative academic programs.

Because Indiana University is a multi-campus institution offering a single diploma (rather than a multi-university system offering unique diplomas from each campus), the faculty representing a particular discipline on any given IU campus are necessarily in relationship with faculty in the same discipline on every other IU campus. This means there are natural opportunities for faculty in the same discipline from the various campuses to engage in collaborative academic programs, particularly given the recent rise of interactive technologies for teaching and learning and increasing demand for online courses and programs.

Because online degrees are not bound by regional service areas, which are the traditional organizing structure at IU for campuses and academic programs, any online program proposal has the potential to be a Collaborative Academic Programs (CAP). Additionally, any on-campus program that involves the delivery of hybrid courses, faculty-sharing, and course-sharing also has the potential to be a CAP.

In partnership with IU’s Office of Online Education (OOE), the Office of the Executive Vice President for University Academic Affairs (OEVPUAA) is responsible for convening Executive Vice Chancellors for Academic Affairs (EVCAAs) and academic administrators from campuses with vested interests to facilitate the development of a CAP and any associated Memoranda of Agreement (MOA).

If EVPUAA or OOE identify any campus as having an existing program in the same disciplinary area as a proposed program, a meeting may be convened to consider the development of a CAP. Any academic department or school may propose a new CAP, as well. Regardless of the source of origination, all CAP proposals follow the development phases outlined below.