Process for Development of Credit Certificate Programs

  1. The first step in the process is for the head of the academic unit to notify the campus vice chancellor for academic affairs of the intention to proceed with the development of a certificate proposal. (For IU Bloomington, please contact the Vice Provost for Graduate Education for graduate certificates or the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education for undergraduate certificates.)
  2. Proposals must be prepared in the format available from the campus Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.
  3. Proposals must be approved through the appropriate campus curriculum approval processes.
  4. When appropriate, the certificate program proposal must be approved by the system-wide or core school. Graduate certificates must be approved by the appropriate graduate unit. System-wide or core school certificate program proposals must be approved by all affected campuses.
  5. If additional state funding is required to offer the certificate, the chancellor or designated academic officer of the campus where the program is to be offered must submit one (1) copy of the program proposal to the Associate Vice President for Administration in the Office of the Executive Vice President for University Academic Affairs (EVPUAA), which will work with the academic unit in developing consistent approaches to estimating cost and identifying income sources for the program budget.
  6. Determine if the program will be eligible for Financial Aid. (See Determining Financial Aid Eligibility Section)
  7. Following EVPUAA approval of the budget (if relevant) and completion of campus reviews, an electronic copy of the certificate program proposal is submitted to the chair of the Academic Leadership Council (ALC) (uploaded to APPEAR) by the campus vice chancellor for academic affairs/dean of faculties or by the dean of a system-wide school.
  8. The Assistant Vice President for Statewide Academic Relations will provide copies to members of the council on the Consent Agenda for consideration. ALC may approve with or without suggesting alterations, return to the initiating campus, table or defer, or disapprove. If approved, the proposal is forwarded to the Office of the Executive Vice President.
  9. The Office of the Executive Vice President for University Academic Affairs (EVPUAA) places the certificate program on the Trustee administrative action report.
  10. The EVPUAA will forward to the ICHE for approval. The ICHE notifies the chief academic officers of the other six (6) state institutions of higher education and offers to send a copy of the proposal to parties that request them.